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240 east 29th street,
New York, NY



Andrea Mato is a Venezuelan photographer and visual artist living in Brooklyn who shares personal narratives of exile through depictions of common encounters with the urban landscape. She carefully examines the micro geographies around her, capturing perspectives typically unseen. In creating a parallel visual map, an abstracted delineation of the apparent, Mato grants importance to the mundane.

In The Fly Walks, Mato investigates the banal as a method of connecting to spaces of alienation. Though taken in common, unassuming places, the images are presented as visual abstractions. This creates an opportunity for viewers to explore, uncover and resolve, just as Mato did throughout the process of making them.

Mato’s practice is deeply intertwined with the practice of walking. While walking, Mato scrutinizes the streets around her, with the anticipation of coming upon segments of promise. The Fly Walks creates a unified experience in which explorations of displacement and discovery are present. 


A recent BFA Photography graduate of Parsons School of Design, Andrea Mato’s work has been recognized in C41 Magazine, Photo Vogue Italia, Aint Bad, and the Pupil Sphere. 


The exhibition is curated by Eliot Engelmaier, a queer visual artist based in Queens, New York, working primarily in lens-based mediums. Their work explores various aspects of the human condition, including but not limited to philosophies of the self, collectivity and interdependency, and the ways in which the outward presentation of identity affects the former.

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