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Souchong journey

Souchong journey


Black tea culture is said to have originated from Chinese tea leaves and come to bloom in the Western world. Journeying west and east, through time and continents, while changing its form. The scent of that traveler having arrived here, enrobed in the aroma of Lapsang Souchong with a modern finish.


Souchong journey is a new piece by perfumer Suzy Le Helley, who used a unique musical perfumery method to create La collection Remixes from the first ÉDIT(h) collection Earl Grey.


ÉDIT(h) Earl Grey, born in Japan. Having been created by French perfumer Suzy as a scent of La collection Remixes, this piece leads Chinese tea leaves – the source of black tea – to a modern expression. After its reincarnation from black tea into perfume in Asia, Earl Grey once again traveled Europe and then returned to Asian tea leaves … A story just like a journey that continues across time and continents.

  • Notes

    <TOP> Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange
    <MIDDLE> Assam tea accord, Muguet, Black pepper
    <LAST> Frankincense, Smoky cedar

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