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A blurry sense of a déjà vu in memory. Its true identity is vague, like a parallel world in a mirror. Is it real? Or just an illusion? The sweet, herbal and spicy scent evokes an impulse to do something special.

Kagamigoshi is a new piece by perfumer Leslie Gautier, who used a unique musical perfumery method to create La collection Remixes from the first ÉDIT(h) collection Reminisce.

Faced with Reminisce, Leslie created a new scent with the idea to reflect its formulation. Each ingredient mirrors an ingredient of Reminisce, like a reflection of Reminisce. The world in the mirror. As if something exists although it should not exist at all. This scent may cause confusion in your memory.

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  • Notes

    <TOP> Frankincense, Mandarin, Juniper berry
    <MIDDLE> Tonka bean, Iris, Clary sage
    <LAST> Vetiver, White cedar, Vanilla

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