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Green Velvet

Green Velvet


A bittersweet world smelling as if enrobed in lustrous dark green velvet. It envelops those whose captivating charm is hidden and cannot be measured by superficial appearance, leading their daily lives into a more enchanting world.

Green Velvet is a new piece by perfumer Leslie Gautier, who used a unique musical perfumery method to create La collection Remixes from the first ÉDIT(h) collection Yuzuki.


Leslie replaced the bitterness of the natural Japanese yuzu citron used in Yuzuki with that of Madagascar ginger, and created a fragrance of green, spicy, and floral notes that is both gorgeous and profound, just like a sophisticated dance beat.

  • Notes

    <TOP> Galbanum, Ginger, Green pepper
    <MIDDLE> Rose turkey, Jasmine sambac, Iris
    <LAST> White musk, Cedar, Patchouli

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