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Cocktail Lane

Cocktail Lane


The fragrance of bitters liqueur gradually emerges from the sparkling green cocktail accord. This is the story of a bar in Metropolis ordering a cocktail suddenly made you think back on your life’s journey.

Cocktail Lane is a new piece by perfumer Alexandra Carlin, who used a unique musical perfumery method to create La collection Remixes from the first ÉDIT(h) collection Rose Mojito.


In this work, Alexandra has remixed the scent to include the innocent freshness of Cucumber and Flower Bouquet and the mellow charm of Bitters Liqueur and Cedarwood.The moment a glass of cocktail touches the lips, reality intersects with the scent of the monochrome memories that colour each of our lives.


  • Notes

    <TOP> Ginger Madagascar, Cucumber, Grapefruit
    <MIDDLE> Liquor, Basil, Watery floral bouquet
    <LAST> Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

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